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A website dedicated to the beautiful wild looking, sweet natured dog-like cat.

Keetso means ‘Big Footed One’ in Navajo and this breed was created after years of looking and research and there are currently only 2 breeders worldwide of Keetsos.

We searched the world for cats that would help us create the big cat look but with a sweet cuddly puppy dog temperament. We decided that health and temperament was crucial to any cat breed as well as beautiful big cat looks.

The Keetso resembles the look of the big cats, with a longer face and inverted heart shaped muzzle, small eyes, a long body and tail, curled ears and huge polydactyl feet. They come in an array of colours but our favoured colours are Snow and Silver spotted.

We produce a very small amount of kittens a year and ALL Keetso’s are neutered before they leave to protect the breed so that it remains healthy, happy and exclusive.

About Keetso Cats

Keetso means ‘Big Footed One’ in Navajo and this breed was created after years of looking and research. There are currently…

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Keetso Kittens

We have a limited number of kittens available, and as there are only 2 breeders worldwide, you may want to join our waiting list…

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Keetso Cats Gallery

If you would like to see some pictures of our kittens & adult cats, feel free to check out our gallery page using the link below…

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This rare breed is recorded with TICA (The International Cat Association)

Keetso cats are slow to mature sometimes taking up to 2 yrs to fully develop and the average Keetso Cat is 5kg +. The temperament of the Keetso means they make an ideal companion with sensitive caring natures that means they adore their owners and usually most additional pets too. It’s not unusual to find a

Keetso cuddled up with the dog as they are so dog like themselves.
Some of our Keetso Cats are used in our charity Alamanda Therapy Animals for animal assisted therapy and the most special of our Keetso Cats which are chosen for this require little or no training to do this, taking to a harness and a busy new environment really well. We have sold quite a few Keetso Cats to families with special needs children.

The Keetso Cats we breed we love to go to loving, life long homes so don’t be offended if we ask lots of questions about your home environment.
Because the Keetso is in high demand and there are only 2 breeders worldwide, you may want to join our waiting list for a kitten. We do export our Keetso Cats worldwide and we get enquiries from as far away as Australia. Please see our Available Kittens and also our gallery of Keetso kittens and adults in their new homes.

Keetso Cats Location

We are based in Basildon, Essex. Contact me to arrange a viewing.

For all general enquires or to arrange a booking, call Keetso Cats today on 07768-174-930.

By far the BEST Cats ever, loving and cuddly. A real family member now.

Aura Brooks

Wonderful Cats and I love the temperament, please can I order another, I'd like another as soon as your next litter is ready please!!

Eve Crawford

These are cute, brave and bold cats, I love him, he even jumps in the shower with me! LOL

Jack Graham

He meets me at the door like a dog, I've never known a cat like him before, we're real buddies!

Zak Reid

She is hilarious, my Wife loves her thank you so much, she's so fun loves to play and is very entertaining, we love her! Thank you.

William Browder

My cat she loves to collect things from around the house, she is so curious and fun loving. A true friend already. She is my little Gem. (Translation)

Tetra Poroshenko